Computing Technology Support


From administrative and faculty computers to digital classrooms and student labs, CTS is the best choice for comprehensive technology service. CTS provides workstation management and network support to its partners on-site and via remote assistance.

Support Services

OS Updates (OS X and Windows Only)
MS Office Application Updates (2013 or higher)
Windows Server OS security and critical updates
Print Server Configuration
OS imaging server available for images
Virus and Malware scanning (SCEP) and automated cleaning
Lifecycle replacement recommendation
Active Directory management
Network Access Control management
Remediation of discovered security vulnerabilities
Backup and migration of user data
Advanced cleaning/removal of viruses and malware
Data destruction of decommissioned computers
Setup and troubleshooting of printers
Annual IT assessment

Workstation Management

CTS will work with your department to develop plan to transition to supported service, and then provide ongoing support for your users. CTS will provide yearly recommendations for workstation lifecycle replacements to help keep your IT inventory fresh and using current technology.  

Software Services

CTS provides installation services for applications and/or specialized software provided by your department. While CTS will ensure that applications are installed and maintained properly, it is the responsibility of the department to guide users on the proper usage of any application.

Hardware Support Services

CTS can coordinate obtaining warranty service provided by the manufacturer to speed hardware repairs or replacements. Any fees for repairs and repair parts are the responsibility of the customer and will be coordinated with the Departmental Contact.

Response Time Guidelines

Urgent Requests

ITS will respond to Urgent requests within (2) business hours. Urgent requests are those that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Multiple users are affected
  • User’s computer is not functional
  • User is unable to send or receive email
  • User has a deadline or on a time sensitive task
  • Security of one or more machines is compromised

Normal Requests

ITS will respond to Normal requests within (4) business hours. Normal requests are those that meet one of the following criteria:

  • Request is not specified as urgent by the customer.
  • User is experiencing an application problem that does not interfere with critical function
  • User has an informational question

Planned Requests

ITS will respond to planned requests as coordinated with the Departmental Contact. Planned requests are those that require scheduling, research, or other advance preparation. Examples might include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Computer installations
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Hardware upgrades or service
  • Physical computer relocation

How do I sign up?

The fee for support is $30.50/month per computer for staff machines and $21.75/month per computer for public use/student machines. If your department is interested in becoming a partner of CTS, you can request a consultation by submitting a case through FSU Service Center at

How do I request support for an existing service?

If you or your department are currently supported by CTS, assistance can be requested by submitting a case via the FSU Service Center following these instructions or contact the ITS Service Desk at 850-644-HELP(4357).


ITS Service Desk

Call: 850-644-HELP(4357)
Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM
Extended Fall Hours (8/27-8/31): 8AM-8PM
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