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We are fueling innovation, growing partnerships and expanding services across the university.

The technology landscape progresses at a rapid pace. From improving network reliability to introducing chatbots for targeted support, ITS is keeping stride and seeking out new ways to creatively use technology to transform the way FSU does higher education.

Strategic Goals

Strategic goals are the roadmap that guides the direction and culture of ITS to better serve FSU and provide the best possible customer experiences for our students, faculty and staff. Each year, we refine and adopt new strategic goals and tactics that align with our priorities and continue to move us forward.


Improving the university cybersecurity posture, expanding ITS research technologies and investing in professional development opportunities for ITS staff take center stage

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An emphasis on modernizing operations and processes will support the increase of hybrid learning, teaching and business and improve organizational change strategies

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We are coming together to expand and improve community engagement, communications and outreach during a transformative time for FSU

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Be a strategic partner to FSU


Advance FSU strategic initiatives


Improve ITS service delivery


Enhance ITS team capabilities


Develop a model for continuous improvement


Establish and adopt a sustainable financial model

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Empowerment Through Technology

Personalized student experiences, research ecosystems and award-winning security solutions. Discover how ITS is leveraging technology to empower student success, research and innovation at FSU.