A male and female student working independently on their laptops.

Protect Yourself

Everyone plays a part in cybersecurity.

Gone are the days of universal passwords and set-it-and-forget-it security settings. Modern cybersecurity requires regular monitoring and constant vigilance. Every day new cyberthreats appear, and every day more people fall victim. Take an active role in protecting your identity, protecting your devices and ultimately protecting yourself. Use the training and tips on these pages to understand current threats and how to become a fortress against them.


Secure Compromised Account


Report a Phishing Email


Report a Security Incident

A female student working on her tablet.

Top 10 Tips for Students 

Cybersecurity doesn’t have to be tough. Follow these quick and easy tips to protect your digital life.  


Top 10 Tips for Employees  

Learn how to use the internet safely at work and home with these easy-to-follow cybersecurity recommendations.  


Male employee working on a desktop computer with two coworkers


From setting strong passwords to securing your social media accounts, learn what you should be doing to protect yourself with cybersecurity best practices.