• Service Catalog

    ITS offers dozens of technology services to the FSU community, from email and online training to Wi-Fi and websites.

    This catalog is designed to make it easy to find information about and request university IT services in just a couple clicks. Start by browsing the service categories or searching the A-Z list and click any service name for more info. It's all here.

  Accounts and Access

Account creation and access to essential FSU systems 

  Administrative and Business

Enterprise services that support administrative and business functions of FSU 

  Communication and Collaboration

Tools that facilitate communication and connect the FSU community 

  Desktop and Mobile Computing

Services, software and support that enable the FSU community to learn and work day-to-day 

  IT Professional Services

Consultation services and shared resources to support IT professionals across FSU 

  Research Technologies

Software, storage and high performance computing environments to fuel university research 

  Security and Safety

Tools and resources that ensure digital security across campus 

  Teaching and Learning Support

Equipment and support for instructional technology that enhances learning at FSU 

  Wi-Fi and Connectivity

Wired and wireless network access and connectivity with FSU