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Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) is an enterprise anti-virus and anti-malware solution provided by ITS for FSU-owned Windows machines on campus.

Audio/Video equipment is available to Course Instructors for multimedia presentations and instruction.

Seminole Cable Vision is provided as an amenity to all resident hall tenants. SCV is also available to FSU departments through agreements with our local provider (Comcast). SCV offers over seventy channels of entertainment, sports, news, and cultural programming.

Information Technology Services offers two different options for departments who require cellular service. Florida State University staff are also eligible for discounts on personal Verizon wireless plans and accessories.

CAS is the single sign-on system used by most of Florida State University's web applications, such as myFSU portal and Canvas. It allows users to switch freely between FSU applications without being required to sign in each time. This sign in method provides added security for users, reducing their password exposure to a single, trusted site.

Installation, management, administration, and support of computers and audio/visual equipment in "general purpose" classrooms on the main FSU campus.

Information Technology Services (ITS) provided a campus computer lab in Oglesby Union which, as of June 5th (2018), has been permanently closed. ITS offers myFSUVLab, a Virtualized Computer Lab Environment offered by FSU.

CTS offers comprehensive on and off site computing support for your department. Services include installation, set-up, and configuration of computers, a comprehensive maintenance plan, support for commonly used software and applications, and more.

Programming, setting-up, scheduling and activation of conferencing features and/or meet-me conference sessions. Options include: Six-way, Meet Me Conference, and Conference Phone rental.

Desktop backup is a simple and worry-free way to protect important files. Backed up data is stored in a secure, remote location for safekeeping, making it easy to restore lost data. Backups are available for purchase by FSU departments, and all FSU students and employees are eligible for desktop backup on personal devices at a discounted price.

Digital Signage enables departments on campus to share information through digital displays and an interactive experience.

FSU Directory Assistance options include departmental and employee listings. You can access these directories through our web directory, by dialing 0 from a 644 or 645 campus telephone line, or by calling (850) 644-2525.

This service allows files to be exchanged with other users when the size of the file is too large to be an e-mail attachment. It can also be used to transfer files that would normally be transferred using FTP or SFTP between two people.

DocuSign is a cloud-based document management solution allowing users to send, sign and manage documents electronically.

Email accounts are available via Microsoft Office 365 for students, faculty and staff. Accounts include email, calendaring, contacts and more.

Central management, maintenance, design, billing, and customer service for a campus wide Emergency Blue Light Telephones (EBLT).

Need to protect your website? Enterprise SSL certificates are available to all Florida State University departments and organizations with a Web presence. SSL certificates create an encrypted connection so data can be transmitted safely and securely.

University-wide official events calendar. View featured University activities, events, and meetings across campus and throughout the Florida State community.

ITS provides primary file storage for departments. This storage is provided through enterprise class network attached storage.

FSU Campus WiFi is the wireless canopy offering convenient, widely available, high-speed wireless network access to the University community. This wireless network has expanded outdoor coverage that includes most campus common and high traffic areas, as well as indoor availability in many University colleges and departments. Two wireless networks are offered: FSUSecure (requires FSUID) and FSUGuest (for guest access).

The FSU Service Center is a secure, multi-departmental online submission and tracking system for support requests.

Username for signing in to many different FSU systems and resources.

Gartner Higher Education Reference (Core Research) is a subscription-based service available for students, faculty and staff. Gartner is an information technology research and advisory company. Gartner provides research on every aspect of information technology, including research specifically targeted to assist educational institutions.

A Sponsored Guest/Vendor Account gives unofficial university affiliates access to specific network and computing resources.

ITAPP is a technology collaboration program that assists individual university units with the management of IT resources. The program supports units by unifying IT management efforts and developing custom IT solutions to help units fulfill their mission and achieve their goals.

The ITS Information Technology Assessment is a voluntary, collaborative effort with FSU organizations who wish to have a better understanding of how they are currently using and managing information technology.

The University provides Internet/Network access for all University affiliates on-campus, including: wired high-speed ethernet, dormitory network access (RESNet), campus-wide wireless, and educational connections on Florida Lambda Rail (FLR) and National Lambda Rail (NLR).

Information Technology Services contracts with internet service providers to provide off-campus internet access and equipment for departments. This includes faculty and staff residential access for work-related purposes and off-campus offices.

Software from leading software vendors such as Adobe, Microsoft, and SPSS is available for purchase at substantially discounted prices. provides access to online training software to all faculty, staff, and students of The Florida State University. This initiative was created to encourage and support our employees and students in keeping their skills current as technology evolves.

Mailing list/listserv services are provided through the use of the GNU Mailman software package.

Mass emails can be sent to large subsets of the FSU community—such as all students or all faculty—to share important, university-wide news.

Microsoft Teams is the Office 365 tool for you and your team to chat, collaborate, save, share and edit files in real time.

Multi-step verification is an extra layer of security designed to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information. It requires you to verify your identity twice—once with your password and once with your phone or mobile device—before you can access sensitive information on select pages within OMNI HR and Student Central.

myFSU BI is a web-based system that provides intuitive, efficient and robust reporting of FSU's Administrative and Student systems. Through this system users should expect fast report execution, flexible interaction with reports through dashboards, and the ability to perform self-service reporting.

myFSU Mobile keeps you in touch with The Florida State University from wherever you are. myFSU Mobile's suite of apps keeps you connected to events on the FSU campus via mobile devices. This mobile app is available free to everyone, including parents, the general public, and campus visitors.

myFSU Portal serves as a personal gateway to the links, tools and resources you need to be successful at Florida State University. As a student, you have quick access to the student information system where you can manage everything from financial aid to academics. Meanwhile, faculty and staff members are provided with resources to help them with advising, teaching or administrative functions. From this central location, access to customized information and frequently-used resources is at your fingertips.

myFSUVLab allows any student or employee 24/7 remote access to our campus computer lab software by any Windows, Mac, and supported mobile device from any location with internet.

Departmental networking services and resources such as wiring/circuits, connectivity, and network tools/management, including: Access Control List (ACL), Domain Name Service (DNS), Network Time Service (NTP), Network Addressing, Internet Protocol (IP) assigned addressing, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), auto-assigned addressing, data circuits, and local telecommunications provider connections), Virtual Private Network (VPN) service.

Historical FSU Data resides at Northwest Regional Data Center and are accessible through a provisioned login ID. These applications are primarily administrative, and are most frequently accessed via FSU's online transaction system know as CICS. Mainframe-attached printers must also be defined in order to print such items such as official transcripts.

Office 365 is a cloud-based suite of productivity tools—including email, calendaring and group collaboration—powered by Microsoft and free to use for Florida State University students, faculty and staff.

FluidReview, Florida State University's application development and management system, is available at no cost to all university departments. With FluidReview you can manage scholarship, grant or admission applications from beginning to end without the need for other forms of tracking or communication.

Qualtrics online survey software helps you build, distribute and analyze surveys in a matter of minutes.

FSU’s patch management service makes patching easier, more efficient and more secure. The centralized, automated service ensures both vendor-supplied and third-party security updates are installed quickly and reliably to your computers.

Bomgar is a remote support solution that enables you to remotely access and fix nearly any device, running any platform, located anywhere in the world.

High performance computing, high throughput computing, cloud computing, interactive systems, data storage and consulting to support research computing projects.

ITS facilitates 24/7/365 monitoring and analysis of the enterprise network in order to detect and respond to malicious activity such as malware attacks, data exfiltration, and unauthorized access.

SharePoint Online is a cloud-based collaboration tool that makes it easy to create sites and share information with colleagues inside or outside of FSU.

Skype for Business is an enterprise communications platform for real-time collaboration. Features include instant messaging, audio calls, video calls, Web conferencing and desktop sharing.

Student Computing Support offers discounted software support to students for personal computers, tablets and mobile devices

Information Technology Services provides University departments with a wide range of telephone services and support including:
Land-line Telephone Services (Centrex), Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Voicemail Service, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), maintenance and repair.

University-wide website and weekly email digest of university announcements.

Shortened URLs are useful in places where you have limited space for text, such as publications, emails and social media.

ITS offers virtual server hosting for departments. ITS' virtual machine service is a cost effective alternative to operating a departmental server and includes storage and backup services.

An industry-leading vulnerability identification and reporting tool (Nexpose) scans networks, subnets, and devices to identify and report known vulnerabilities and to suggest remediation approaches.

ITS operates a web content management system which supports the development of customized web applications. This is provided through the use of Drupal software. Web sites come with FSU-approved templates and basic instruction in the use of Drupal is provided.

ITS hosts the main university web site as well as some departmental web sites on the server. Departmental websites hosted in this fashion typically have a URL of the form

WebDAV stands for "Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning". For those who maintain departmental or individual websites at FSU, it is simply a method for accessing the web server to upload and modify websites.