Tips for Remote Work

There are different tools an FSU employee needs to successfully work away from the office. While having your laptop and the programs you use every day are important, there are a few small tips and tricks you should follow when you work away from the office. Check out these ITS recommended remote work tips and tricks to make your time away from campus the best it can be.  

  • Know the remote work essentials
    • Check out the ITS Employee Remote Work Essentials page to find valuable software and resources for working remotely.
  • Turn on email auto reply
    • Set up an email auto reply or out of office message to let people know your status and how often they can expect a response.
  • Update your voicemail greeting
    • Provide people with information regarding how or if they can reach you and consider setting a schedule to check your voicemail messages.
  • Send your voicemail messages to email
    • Have recorded voicemail messages sent to your FSU email account.
  • Set up call forwarding
    • Call forwarding gives you the ability to answer your university phone number from another device. 
  • Request a soft phone
    • If you provide mission-critical university services and need your calls when working remote to appear to come from a university phone number, contact ITS to inquire about using a soft phone to connect to the university phone system and make outgoing calls. Availability of this service is limited.
  • Get to know your department’s IT staff 
    • Work with your departmental IT support staff to determine what departmental resources may be available for you to use remotely.
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