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NiFTy, formerly known as FSU Dropbox, is a file transfer service that makes it easy to securely share large documents, pictures, videos and more. Files up to 3GB in size can be uploaded and shared between colleagues and classmates at Florida State University. The site also supports external file sharing with contacts at other universities and companies worldwide and allows external users to drop off files for FSU students, faculty and staff. Rather than sending an email with large, cumbersome attachments, NiFTy lets you share files with one or more recipients in a secure environment where files remain available for up to 20 days. This service works great for collaborating on research or sending and receiving graphics-heavy design files.


Supports Large Files

share files up to 3GB in size and upload multiple files in a single drop off

Share with Anyone

share files with FSU students and employees and external contacts

Password Protected

encrypt files with a password during drop-off to ensure only the recipient can view them


files are scanned for viruses to protect the data and recipient



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Getting Started

Drop-Off a File
There are two ways to drop-off files. After you make the drop, an email with a link to the file(s) is sent to the recipient. If you repeatedly get an error message when you drop-off a file, you may need to use a faster Internet connection.

  • Attach each file individually on the Drop-off page.
  • Attach files in ZIP format on the Drop-off page.

Pick-Up a File
There are also two ways to pick-up files that have been dropped-off. All files must be picked up within 20 days.

  • Click the link provided in the notification email.
  • If you are an FSU user, sign in to the system and see a list of all drop-offs waiting for you.