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Employee Remote Work Essentials

A benefit of today's technology is the capability of working wherever you are. Depending on your position and manager approval, FSU employees have the ability to work remotely when the time calls. Here you will find all the tips and tricks, helpful tools and FAQs you need to know to make working away from the office a possibility.

To successfully work remotely, you’ll need a computer, a reliable internet connection and your FSU login credentials. We also recommend bookmarking your essential websites to make accessing your go-to files easier. Make sure to take the time to test everything out before you plan to be away to ensure you are set up for success, and for more suggestions check out our remote work tips.

Before you begin working remotely, make sure you have submitted the Temporary Remote Work Guidelines Acknowledgement to your supervisor.

Remote Work Basics

myFSU Portal

Your gateway to online tools including Canvas, myFSU HR, Concur, RAMP, Zoom and FSU email. View paychecks, edit timesheets, submit travel expenses and more. Sign in with your FSUID and password.

Also available through myFSU Mobile app
Download the app: Google Play or Apple App Store

  Sign In to myFSU portal



Zoom web conferencing is available to FSU free of charge. Zoom allows you to host group calls, remote meetings and web conferences for up to 300 people. To get started, check out our Getting Started with FSU Zoom page.

Download the client: Zoom Download Center
Get the mobile app: Google Play or Apple App Store

Tips to Secure Your Zoom Meetings
10 Ways to Secure Zoom Meetings Infographic

 Sign in to Zoom

Microsoft Office 365

Access to Microsoft programs and services such as OneDrive, Office, and SharePoint is available through your Office 365 account. All you need is your FSUID (in the format and password to sign in and access programs.

  Sign In to Microsoft Office 365

@FSU Email

Your FSU email offers access to your calendar, contacts and task management tools that are accessible anytime, anywhere. Sign in with your FSUID (in the format and password.

  Sign In to @FSU email

LinkedIn Learning

Feel prepared to work remotely with this list of hand-picked courses designed for learners to successfully manage change and work remotely.

  Sign In to LinkedIn Learning


Teams allows you to stay in communication while away from the office. Download the Teams app onto your laptop and phone or access it online. All you need is your FSUID and password.

Need help getting started? Check out our Teams Quick Start Guide

Download Teams

  Sign In to Teams


Softphones use a headset and microphone to make calls over the internet from a laptop, desktop or other device. The portability of softphones make it easy to field business calls while working from home.

  Request a Softphone

Teach with Confidence


Keep in contact with your students, send out assignments and reminders, host course materials and tests and stream class through the online portal. Download the Canvas app or access it through myFSU Portal and sign in using your FSUID and password.

For information on using Canvas to teach during a university closure, see this FSU Canvas Support Center article.

If you need help with Canvas, contact ODL Technical Support.

  Sign In to Canvas


Zoom web conferencing platform is ideal for hosting remote classes, group discussions and allows you to video conferences with up to 300 people. Utilize features such as polls, group chats, screen sharing and video recording for sharing your lectures in real-time or for review later. Schedule a time and share your personalized meeting ID and connect to your students no matter where you are.

Download the client: Zoom Download Center
Get the mobile app: Google Play or Apple App Store

Need help getting started? Check out our Zoom Quick Start Guide.

 Sign in to Zoom

Office of Distance Learning (ODL)

The Office of Distance Learning (ODL) is your biggest resource when you need to teach and learn away from FSU. Bookmark ODL’s website for policy guidelines, faculty support and development along with Canvas how-to’s and technical support.

Online teaching help: ODL Emergency Online Instruction Resources 

Online training guides: ODL Emergency Training Opportunities

Contact ODL


Sign in to FSU’s 24/7 virtual computer lab to access campus software from anywhere. All you need is your FSUID and password plus a Wi-Fi connection.

  Sign In to myFSUVLab

Stay Secure


The FSU VPN (Virtual Private Network) is designed to allow faculty, staff, courtesy appointments, and university-sponsored external vendors to securely "tunnel" into campus over public networks (not managed by FSU), and access services as if they were on campus. Install Cisco AnyConnect onto your device to start using the FSU VPN.

  More info on VPN

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

If you regularly use 2-factor authentication (2FA) to access FSU applications such as myFSU HR or Office 365 as part of your job, make sure you have authorized a device other than your desk phone for 2FA. ITS suggests adding your mobile device and installing the Duo app to ensure you have 2FA access anywhere, anytime.

Check your 2FA

Mobile Hotspots

Popular mobile service providers offer mobile hotspots or tethering features that allow you to set up your smartphone to connect Wi-Fi enabled devices, like laptops, to the internet. Set up depends on your carrier and every device connected uses data from your plan, check your data plan and be mindful of associated costs.

Find out more: Verizon | Sprint | AT&T

Email Security

Phishing attacks steal personal information by tricking you into doing something, like clicking a link. These phishing attempts may look like they are from Florida State University—often IT Services or the Service Desk—but don’t fall for the tricks!

Visit the Phishing Resources page to learn about phishing and how to protect yourself.

Keep Your Documents Safe

Noles File Transfer (NiFTy)

The Noles File Transfer (NiFTy) allows for easy sharing of large documents, pictures, videos and more. Upload files up to 3GB in size and share them with anyone at FSU or outside of the university. Files are available for up to 20 days.

  Sign In to Noles File Transfer (NiFTy)


Getting documents approved and signed doesn’t have to be put on hold when you are away. Use DocuSign, to easily send, sign and store documents, contracts and more all in an easily accessible online location.

More Info on DocuSign

Things to Consider:

If you have any questions regarding your voicemail or call forwarding, please submit a support request and reference "voicemail" or "call forwarding".


Need to use a program or access something not on the list? Contact your department's IT manager for details.

If you have issues or questions, submit a support request or contact the ITS Service Desk at 850-644-HELP (4357) or

If you need in-person technology support, please review the COVID-19 Guidelines for In-Person IT Support at FSU.

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