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Today’s technology allows people to work and collaborate from all over the world.

Depending on the position and manager approval, FSU employees may be permitted to work from an alternate location some or all of the time. If you plan to work from an alternate location at any point in time, here are the technology recommendations for equipment, tools and security to make telework successful.

Return to Campus Tech Checklist

Getting ready to return to campus after months of working remotely? Check out our Return to Campus Tech Checklist for tips to ensure a smooth transition back to the office.

Return to Campus Tech Checklist

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You will need a computer that can support necessary programs.

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  • FSU-Issued Devices
    Directors will determine the location of any university-provided equipment. Stationary equipment (e.g. monitors, docking stations) is recommended to be kept at the FSU worksite. Employees should always exercise caution to protect and secure any device that is used to connect to the FSU network or store university data.

  • Personal Devices
    ITS highly recommends using university-owned and managed equipment while working from home. If you do not have an FSU-issued laptop or other portable device, it will be your personal responsibility to purchase any additional equipment. If you must use a personal device to conduct university business, you are responsible for ensuring device security and must follow the university policy for use of personal devices. Be acutely aware of making sure your device and all programs on it are regularly updated and that university information is stored in an approved location and not downloaded to the device where it may be exposed to other household members.
    Information Security Policy

  • Mobile Devices
    Tablets and cellphones make excellent on-the-go equipment but are not adequate as a standalone for remote work. If you are required to use a cellphone for work purposes, you may be eligible for a cellular allowance and should talk with your department about options.
    FSU Cellular Allowance Policy 

  • Additional Equipment
    If you would like additional equipment to outfit multiple work locations, consult with your department and departmental IT support. If you elect to purchase any additional equipment, please talk with your department’s IT support specialist.

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Internet Connection

You will need to have a stable internet connection that is fast enough to support your use of FSU online services.

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  • Internet Minimum Requirements
    10-20 Mbps upload and download speeds are considered fast enough for most, typical work activities.
    Internet Speed Test

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    The FSU VPN allows you to securely access the FSU network as though you were physically on campus. The VPN should only be used if you need to access shared campus resources, such as departmental shared drives, or if you need to establish a secure connection when connecting to public Wi-Fi or while traveling.
    Download and Install FSU VPN
    Purchase Norton Secure VPN for Personal Use
    More Info

  • Mobile Hotspots
    Many mobile service providers offer mobile hotspots or tethering features that allow you to use your smartphone to connect other devices, like laptops, to the internet. Check with your carrier for availability and associated data costs.

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The following security tools and software must be installed and set up on your devices to protect your data and the FSU network.

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  • Antimalware
    Antimalware software should be installed on any computer that is used for telework. For FSU-owned Windows computers, ITS provides licenses for antimalware software. For-FSU owned Apple computers, Mac OS X comes with its own protection called XProtect. If you need antimalware software for personal devices, Norton and other security software suites can be purchased at discounted prices via the ITS Software Store.
    ITS Software Store

  • 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)
    Everyone is required to use 2FA through the Duo Mobile app to verify their identity when signing in to FSU systems. This extra layer of security greatly reduces the chance of having your account compromised.
    How to Set Up 2FA
    How to Use 2FA
    Manage 2FA Devices
    2FA Troubleshooting Tips
    Get a 2FA Token
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  • Security Tips
    Practice the following security tips to protect yourself and your information when working online and check out our list of 10 Security Tips for Employees.

    • Set up automatic updates for your operating system, apps and web browser
    • Keep antivirus and other security software up to date and regularly scan for threats
    • Use a secure, WPA2 network, such as your home Wi-Fi to conduct university business
    • Set a unique password for your home Wi-Fi network
    • Keep your guard up against phishing and ransomware attacks
    • Do not open email attachments you aren’t expecting
    • Never share personal or confidential information via email or an unsolicited phone call
    • Enable a PIN, fingerprint or facial ID feature on your lock screen
    • Lock your device when you step away, even in your home
    • Do not leave devices in unlocked vehicles or visible in your car
    • Be aware of what information is visible on your screen and who can see it passing by
    • Disable or cover your webcam when not in use
    • Make sure you are not showing any personal information in your video stream or opt to use a virtual background
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Virtual Meeting Tools

Stay connected with your team by using these powerful virtual meeting and collaboration tools.

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Remote Work Tools

ITS offers several tools that are designed with remote work and collaboration in mind.

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  • General Access
    Most of the services you access while on FSU campus, including email, Office 365 and myFSU Portal, will function normally from a remote location. All you need is an internet connection and your FSUID to sign in.

  • Office 365
    Microsoft offers online and mobile versions of all its apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. Simply sign in to your account with your FSUID and access all Office 365 apps from anywhere.
    Sign In (FSUID@fsu.edu and password)

  • Noles File Transfer (NiFTy)
    NiFTy makes it easy to share large documents and must be used to send any documents containing protected university data.
    Sign In (FSUID and password)
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  • Virtual Computer Lab
    Sign in to the university’s 24/7 virtual computer lab for free, remote access to specialty software, such as SAS, MATLAB and SPSS.
    Sign In (FSUID and password)
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  • Digital Signatures (DocuSign)
    Send, sign and store documents electronically in this easily accessible online location.
    Sign In (FSUID and password)
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Remote File Access

Use these cloud tools to access your FSU files from anywhere.

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  • OneDrive
    OneDrive is the recommended place to store personal work for secure, access-it-anywhere cloud storage. All you need is your FSUID and password to sign in and access Microsoft programs.
    Sign In (FSUID@fsu.edu and password)
    How to Set Up OneDrive Cloud Storage
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  • SharePoint
    Files uploaded to SharePoint can be shared with colleagues for easy collaboration and real-time editing within your department. You will need your FSUID and password to sign in and access SharePoint.
    Sign In (FSUID@fsu.edu and password)
    SharePoint User Guide
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  • Additional Storage
    Check with your departmental IT support for any specific requirements for online storage. It is important that whatever tool you choose meets FERPA and HIPAA standards if you are dealing with protected information.

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Teach Classes Online

This technology toolkit and list of resources can help instructors prepare for virtual or blended instruction.

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Voicemail Access

It is important to remain accessible and responsive to any calls to your university phone number while you are off campus.

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  • Voicemail
    Set up call forwarding so you can answer calls to your university phone number from another device or send your voicemail messages to your FSU email account for immediate delivery to your inbox.
    Set Up Call Forwarding
    Set Up Voicemail to Email
    Check Voicemail Messages While Off-Campus

  • Softphones
    If you need your calls when working remotely to appear to come from a university number, consult with your department about purchasing a softphone to connect to the university phone system.
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Best Practices

These additional tips and tricks will help you get the most out of working remotely.

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  • Test Everything in Advance
    Take time to test everything out before you plan to be away to ensure your equipment and software is operating properly. Consider doing a trial run at your alternate working location to make sure your internet connection is adequate, that you can operate free of distractions and that everything else is working as you expect.

  • Keep Computer Powered On
    Regardless of where you are working, it is best to keep your computer powered on and connected to the internet overnight so important updates can be installed.

  • Password Resets
    If you are working remotely on an FSU device, you will need to take an extra step after you reset your password.
    How to Reset Your Password Remotely

  • Protect Your Device
    Consider purchasing a laptop case or sleeve to protect your device when transporting it.
    Shop Laptop Cases at FSU Bookstore

  • Additional Resources
    LinkedIn Learning provides a number of courses focused on helping employees maximize productivity and effectiveness while working remotely.
    Working Remotely
    Time Management: Working from Home
    Leading Virtual Meetings

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Get Support

Make sure you know how to reach out for support if you need it.

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  • ITS Service Desk
    Contact the ITS Service Desk Monday-Friday from 8AM-6PM at 850-644-4357 or help.fsu.edu.
    ITS Service Desk

  • myFSU Service Center
    Submit a support request online and a team member will be in touch to help troubleshoot.
    Submit a Support Request

  • University IT Support
    Contact your local IT support within your college or department for personalized support.
    University IT Support

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