Cable, Satellite and Streaming Media Services

Due to a steady decline in demand and usage, effective August 1, 2020, Information Technology Service will no longer offer Seminole Cable Vision and Comcast cable television and streaming services. Various services are available for university use. Popular services are referenced below. Acquiring services associated with a fee will require coordination with Procurement Services before university funds can be used. Please contact the ITS Service Desk if you need assistance.

The following services offer an array of features and will require a media streaming player or a Smart TV. Check out this comparison matrix of the different streaming options available to you!

Streaming Services Options

*This list is not a complete representation of all Live TV Streaming Services available.
**Purchase Order verification is required and will be handled by FSU Procurement Services
***FSU Pcard cannot be used. Person expenses will not be reimbursed by the University.




If you need additional help, please contact the service provider you have a subscription with. ITS no longer supports cable services.


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