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Training Request


Looking to introduce a new technology into your teaching? Classroom Support provide hands-on, individualized training to faculty and teaching assistants. Whether you are new to lecturing in ITS Technology Enhanced Classrooms or you are an experienced user who needs advanced training with a particular piece of equipment, you can request a training session right in your classroom. Our technicians will provide one-on-one or group training on classroom computers, projectors, document cameras and more, or even show you how to use Zoom or Kaltura for remote instruction.     


One-on-One Training

training is customized to your specific hardware and software needs

Flexible Schedule

request to meet before your class or any other time a room is not reserved

Extended Hours

training is available Monday through Friday from 7:30AM-8:30PM

Group Training

available to meet several instructors from a department at once



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Getting Started

Request this service at least 24 hours before you need the training

Additional Information

For help in any ITS TEC classroom report an issue, send email to classroomsupport@fsu.edu, call 850-644-2811, or walk into HCB M103, MCH 311, or WMS 115 for personal help.