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Student Technology Fee

Each year, the Student Technology Fee funds millions of dollars of instructional technology at Florida State University.

The Student Technology Fee—assessed from tuition each semester—is strategically distributed among university colleges, central IT organizations and instructional technology proposals. These proposals give departments an opportunity to secure funding for innovative and critical technology projects that may not be possible otherwise. To date, the STF has distributed $59.5 million, including $41.0 million to university colleges and central IT organizations and $18.5 million to fully or partially fund 613 instructional technology proposals.

Call for 2023-2024 Project Submissions

The Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee will soon be inviting proposals for projects that will enhance instructional technology during the 2023-2024 awards cycle. Proposals may be submitted by academic and non-academic departments, and proposals that were submitted but not funded during previous award cycles may be resubmitted.

Submission Deadline

Check back in Summer 2023 for an updated schedule.

Proposal Instructions

Proposal Evaluation and Awards Schedule 2022-2023

August 1, 2022

Proposal submission opens at 8AM ET

October 14, 2022

Proposal submission closes at 5PM ET

December 2, 2022

Proposal evaluations completed by STF Advisory Committee

December 13, 2022

Formal approval of funding awards by IT Governance Council

December 14, 2022

Award notices sent for approved project proposals

January 20, 2023

STF funds distributed for funded proposals


2022-2023 Awards Cycle Results

For award cycle 2022‐2023, the Student Technology Fee Awards Program distributed approximately $4.189 million in technology fee revenues. Of this amount, $1.4 million was awarded to the colleges and another $1.4 million was awarded to the university’s central IT organizations. The remaining $1.389 million was awarded to 59 proposals for instructional technology‐enhancing projects.

2022-2023 Annual Allocations

Breakdown of latest fund allocations to colleges and central IT organizations with recent historical comparisons


2022-2023 Proposal Funding Awards

List of proposals approved for full or partial funding for 2022-2023 awards cycle


Past Proposal Funding Awards

2021-2022 Awards Cycle

List of proposals approved for full or partial funding for 2021-2022 awards cycle


2020-2021 Awards Cycle

List of proposals approved for full or partial funding for 2020-2021 awards cycle


2019-2020 Awards Cycle

List of proposals approved for full or partial funding for 2019-2020 awards cycle



If you have questions about the Student Technology Fee or would like to see proposal funding awards from previous years, please contact Tom Morgan at