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Vulnerability Management

Cybersecurity vulnerabilities are defined as security flaws in software, hardware, or configuration of IT resources that, if exploited, would result in a negative impact to the confidentiality, integrity or availability of FSU data, the network or IT resources and infrastructure.

Vulnerability management utilizes scanning which creates an inventory of all systems and software connected to the FSU network and checks each item against known vulnerabilities to see if any items are susceptible to an attack. The tool proactively identifies security holes or weaknesses in a system or device and recommends fixes and countermeasures to implement before a threat occurs. Vulnerability management is a vital part of the university's IT security plan.

All FSU units are required to perform monthly scans of their systems and devices. Vulnerability management is required upon enrollment in the Seminole Secure program.


To coordinate onboarding and training please contact Yamila Posey (yposey@fsu.edu) for assistance.  

Vulnerability scanning illustration

Vulnerability Management Support Team

The ITS Security team is here to assist you. To submit your questions or feedback reach out to us at 850-645-8055 or its-security@fsu.edu.

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