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New Employees

Welcome to the Seminole family! We are so happy you are here.

ITS provides a host of valuable services to support your work, teaching and research. Start by setting up your devices and accounts, then explore all the tech services available to you as an employee at FSU.


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Get Started

New to FSU? Start by setting up your university accounts.

Activate Your FSUID

Your FSUID is your key to all things FSU. It is used as your username for signing in and accessing many FSU systems and resources.

Activate Your FSUID 

Set Your Password

Your password is used to access FSU EmailmyFSU, Canvas and other university sites and systems. TIP: Follow these tips to create a strong password.

Change Your Password 

Download Duo Mobile

Duo, or 2-factor authentication (2FA), is an extra layer of security designed to protect your personal information and university data. Download the Duo Mobile app and register your devices to get started. TIP: Activate Duo Restore or add a second device to ensure you will not lose access if you get a new phone.

Activate Duo Mobile 

Manage 2FA Devices 

Set Up FSU Email

All employees receive an email account powered by Microsoft Outlook. Your FSU Email comes with a 100GB mailbox and built-in calendaring and contacts and integrates with other Microsoft applications to maximize productivity. TIP: Employees can request a custom email address.

Sign In 

Set Up FSU Email on Your Devices 

Read the FSU Electronic Mail Policy 

Sign in to Canvas

Canvas is the university’s online learning management system. Within Canvas you can build courses, create lessons and assignments, record lectures and facilitate communications with your students. Your Canvas account will be created automatically for you.

Sign In 

Instructor Guide to Getting Started 

Request an FSU Phone Number

Work with your department to request an FSU Phone Line for official university business. Desk phones, headsets and conference call systems are all available for purchase through ITS. TIP: Set up voicemail-to-email to have voicemails delivered to your FSU email inbox.

Request Phone Line 

Set Up Voicemail 

Connect to the Network

Understand the university's different networks and when to connect to what.

Wi-Fi Connection

Use the FSUSecure network for the safest, encrypted connection to university Wi-Fi, using your FSUID and password to connect.

Mobile Setup

Android  iPhone 

Computer Setup

Windows  Mac OS X 

Wired Connection

Most university buildings offer wired connections to the FSU Network for optimal browsing and download speeds. Contact your department’s IT support to get connected to the wired network in your building. If you opt to use Wi-Fi, select FSUSecure for a safe, encrypted connection.

Set Up FSUSecure 

Register a Smart Device 
(must be connected to FSU network)

VPN Connection

FSU offers a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that creates a secure connection to the FSU network for employees working from a home or public network. When connected to the FSU VPN, you will be able to access shared department drives and resources.

Install VPN 

Departmental IT Support

Many departments have dedicated IT staff to help manage employee computers. Talk with your departmental IT support first to determine what desktop support services are already configured for you.

Departmental IT Support Contacts

Manage Your Device

Set up your computer and other devices with the proper software and security settings.


Run an Antivirus

FSU requires all university-owned computers to run the university’s comprehensive Computer Protection & Threat Response service. If you are using a personal computer, FSU highly recommends installing antivirus software including a firewall, adware and malware protection on all your devices. TIP: Download Norton 365 at a discounted price through the ITS Software Store.

Request Computer Protection & Threat Response 

Download Antivirus 

Set Up Automatic Back Up

Keep your files safe by regularly backing up your data using Microsoft OneDrive. Employees have free access to 5TB of encrypted cloud storage. Sync your OneDrive files for automatic cloud backups.

Sync OneDrive Files on Mac 

Sync OneDrive Files on Windows 

Install Free and Discounted Software

The ITS Software Store offers dozens of software titles for personal and business use with discounts up to 100% off retail pricing.

Shop Software 



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Get Tech Help

Access expert support for help with all your technology needs.

ITS Service Desk

Tech troubles? We’re here to help. The ITS Service Desk is the first point of contact for assistance with technology at FSU.

Hours | Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM ET

Get Help 

Online Chat 

myFSU Service Center

Visit the myFSU Service Center and submit an online form to request tech help or browse existing FAQs for DIY troubleshooting.

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University IT Support

Many FSU colleges and departments have dedicated IT support on site. Find your local IT help desk and support team.

Find IT Support 

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We have you covered. Get to know all the free software and tech available to employees at FSU.

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