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High Performance Compute Cluster

High Performance Compute Cluster


The FSU high performance computing (HPC) cluster is an integrated group of systems connected by an ultra-fast InfiniBand data network. The HPC, provided by the ITS Research Computing Center (RCC), is designed to run compute-intensive programs that require more memory and CPUs than an average computer can support. The HPC is ideal for distributed parallel computations, data processing and analysis and long-running batch computing jobs. Using the HPC, university researchers can process and analyze complex datasets and computationally intensive tasks, condensing weeks of work into days or hours.  


Powerful Computing

>16,000 cores and >700 nodes provide powerful and scalable HPC resources  

Popular Platforms

run jobs on OpenMPI, HADOOP, Python, MATLAB, GPUs, CUDA and more

Software Compatibility

users can use general purpose applications or write and compile custom software to run on HPC

Batch Jobs

ability to submit jobs to run independently until finished 



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