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Custom CRM and Engagement Applications

Custom CRM and Engagement Applications

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Sometimes you need a solution as unique as your work. Combine any of the available engagement technologies to create a custom application that works for you and your customers. Tie together functionality from existing customer relationship management (CRM), case management and other marketing technologies to support your college or departmental goals. ITS works with you to understand your process and build a custom application. ITS offers personalized support and regular upgrades to guarantee you will be on the latest technology. Our technology is flexible, and our solutions are optimized to work the way you want to work and with the experience you want your customers to have. 


Custom Solutions

existing technologies can be used in different combinations to meet departmental needs

System Integration

applications integrate with university systems 

Unified Platform

applications interact seamlessly with each other for cohesive experience 


intuitive application platforms are easy to use and maintain 



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