Authentication and Access Management

Need to connect an application to the FSU network? Authentication and identity management controls access between FSU servers and databases and third-party applications. Access can be set up for external applications or for internal applications that need to communicate with each other. ITS opens traffic on a specific range of ports and limits the IP addresses that can access specific FSU resources. This allows data to pass back and forth between FSU servers and third-party apps, but ensures only the users and applications that need to access FSU systems can get through. Identity management is a secure way for applications to communicate with the FSU network.

  • System-to-system | supports connections between third-party applications and FSU network
  • Internal and external | Access control lists (ACLs) and firewalls provide security for internal and external users and applications
  • Secure communications | securely transmit information between FSU and third-party apps
  • Limited access | make access as narrow as needed by restricting ports
  • Customized solutions | established technologies can be used in different combinations to meet departmental needs


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