Electronic Signatures

DocuSign is a cloud-based electronic signature service that allows users to easily send, sign and store documents, contracts and other agreements in a secure, online location.  Access DocuSign from your desk or on the go to track exactly where documents are in the approval process and receive notices when documents have moved on to the next round of approval. With DocuSign, the entire approval process can be managed electronically, saving lots of time and paper.

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Access documents from desktop or mobile devices
  • Send documents to any email address inside or outside of FSU
  • Upload numerous document types, including PDFs and spreadsheets
  • Check status of documents and send reminders
  • Receive an audit trail of signatures
  • Capture signatures, initials, email, date signed and more with general data fields

No additional requirements

There is no charge for this service.

To use DocuSign, follow the login instructions below.

1. Go to docusign.fsu.edu
2. Sign in with your FSUID and password

No additional information


DocuSign is easy to learn and easy to use. Visit the DocuSign website to browse support articles or register for a free "DocuSign Signing and Sending" training session.


Submit a support request with the following information:

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  • Specialty Type: DocuSign