Ten Security Tips For Employees

  1. Back up your computer regularly and store the backup in a secure location away from the computer.
  2. Install anti-virus and anti-spyware applications on your computer.
  3. Verify that your computer's built-in firewall is turned on.
  4. Keep software applications, operating systems and security patches up-to-date.
  5. Create strong passwords and do not share them with anyone for any reason. A strong password has at least eight characters, uses a combination of numbers, upper and lowercase letters, and uses at least one special character (such as !@#$%^&*).
  6. Log off, lock your screen or use a password-activated screensaver when stepping away from your computer.
  7. Avoid opening links and attachments embedded in emails if you cannot verify the source.
  8. Limit the amount of personally identifiable information-such as Social Security number, income tax records, credit card numbers and banking information-you store on your computer. If your computer is lost or stolen this can become valuable information.
  9. Use a cross-cut shredder to destroy documents containing sensitive information, such as non-directory student information, FSU proprietary documents and employee Social Security numbers.
  10. Take a moment to read the FSU information policies at its.fsu.edu/ispo/policy.
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