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Departmental VPN Profiles

Departmental VPN Profiles

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FSU departments can request a special security profile, also known as a Virtual Private network (VPN), be created for their users to limit access to campus resources. Access to this departmental VPN must be approved by the owner of that specific profile. 


Controlled Access

control who can access certain resources on the VPN to departmental users or a specific users list

Personalized Settings

set-up the departmental VPN to the specifications that fit your departmental needs and specifications

Connect Anywhere

be able to connect into your FSU resources no matter where you are with the departmental VPN

Login with FSU Credentials

login and access your FSU resources just like you would any other FSU system with your FUSID and password



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Getting Started

Request this service and include the following information: 

  • Justification for dedicated VPN group 
  • Group Contact (Unit IT Manager Required) 
  • Group or Profile Name Preferred 
  • Department/College domain name 
    • Specify If more than one in same unit (e.g. ITS-CASS, ITS-DVR, etc.) 
  • How many concurrent users expected 
  • Network Resources (IP, Proto, Port) to be accessible to the VPN group