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Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines


The virtualization cluster is a system that hosts virtual machines for research computing purposes. The system, provided by the ITS Research Computing Center (RCC), is designed to jump-start research projects by enabling researchers to quickly deploy and manage virtual systems for applications that interact with other RCC systems. Virtual machines can be spun up for compute-intensive resources or other research tools. This service is provided exclusively for FSU researchers to support grant-funded research activities.


Community-Driven Platform

all virtual machines configured to run CentOS v7


deploy virtual machines and avoid delays associated with purchasing and installing new hardware

Secure Connections

virtual machines are protected by two security layers, TCP/UDP (network) and firewalld (server)

Customizable Domains

customize the DNS with an or vanity domain name



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  • This service offering refers to the virtualization cluster managed and maintained by the RCC and is for research virtual machines only. For all other virtual machine hosting, refer to the Virtual Server Hosting listing.
  • Departments purchasing a virtual machine from ITS must have someone who has the skills and knowledge needed to manage and maintain their applications. In addition, they need basic system administration skills appropriate for the operating system running on their virtual machine.
  • Departments must adhere to ITS vulnerability management standards which address requirements for systems and applications to be properly secured, patched and protected from vulnerabilities. For specific details, see the ITS Vulnerability Management Standards.
  • Departments must have an internal purchase order to ITS in the OMNI AR/Billing system and work with their department budget manager to add a line to that purchase order for ITS Virtual Computing Services for the expected cost. This is required to facilitate billing and charging prior to ordering the service.