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Disaster Recovery

Reliable disaster recovery plans are needed to ensure each university unit is ready and able to sustain vital operations in the aftermath of a disaster or extended disruption to normal operations.

A well-thought-out disaster recovery plan contains detailed instructions on how to recover and restore systems and data in response to unplanned incidents. Effective plans will identify specific actions to take before, during and after a disaster to ensure efficient restoration of required services.

The most important inputs into a business continuity and disaster recovery plan result from conducting a business impact analysis (BIA), which identifies the critical business processes, such as payroll, distance learning and research systems, that must continue to operate even during a disaster or extended disruption.

Once the operational and financial impact of a disruption is understood, units can begin prioritizing their business, academic and research needs to identify the vital services that must remain available and the critical assets that must be protected. The core results of a BIA identify and prioritize what needs to be recovered and the timeframes for restoring necessary capabilities to an acceptable level.

Disaster recovery plans and business impact analyses are to be reviewed and updated as needed every three years. Annually, each university unit will be required to conduct a disaster recovery test exercise to identify lessons learned and areas of improvement that should be included in its disaster recovery plan. The exercise is an opportunity to run through a mock disaster, fine tune preparation and response capabilities and build confidence for responding to an actual emergency.

Upcoming Training

Disaster recovery and business impact analysis training is available to all university units. Please check back for training dates and times in early 2022. We also will be providing additional information on the business impact analysis and disaster recovery planning process and weekly office hours at this time.


Event Date Time
Kickoff Meeting February 10 10-11:30 AM
BIA Workshop February 11 1:30-3 PM
Proposed BIA Submission March 14 5 PM
Final BIA Submission April 30 5 PM
Proposed DR Plan Submission July 1 5 PM
Final DR Plan Submission August 31 5 PM
Open Weekly Office Hours* February - August
Tuesday- Thursday
10-10:30 AM

*The Disaster Recovery team will also set up a 30-minute consultation with each organizational unit beginning February 22.

Business Impact Analysis Process




Disaster recovery illustration

Disaster Recovery Support Team

The ITS Security team is here to assist you. To submit your questions or feedback reach out to us at its-bia@fsu.edu.

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