Understanding Your Virtual Workspace 

Tuesday 03/07/2023

Last semester, Information Technology Services (ITS) upgraded your Microsoft account to the latest technology available. With its latest upgrade, Microsoft can be used to create a virtual office to help with productivity, accessibility, communication and organization. With Microsoft, everything you need in a traditional office or classroom can be accessed from anywhere. 


When writing your next paper or presentation ask yourself, is this accessible to everyone? Microsoft has two new features that are all about accessibility. Whether you want to ensure the accessibility of your document or need a little extra learning assistance, Microsoft has you covered.   


With many moving parts, collaboration can be tricky at times. Microsoft is bringing new features to assist with effective communication, meeting deadlines and scheduling tasks. Use these new features and many existing apps in Teams to help your team moving in the same direction. 


When there’s a lot to do it’s important to stay on task and make the most of your time. Whether you need to list your tasks, brainstorm an idea or add some flair to your presentation, these tools will help you out! The best part? You can access these features from anywhere on any device. The days of running out of paper in your notebook are over.  

Faculty and Staff Tools: 

We want to make sure our faculty an staff have all the tools they need to help students. Whether it is a certification or tool Microsoft is here to set you up for success. 

Want to learn more about these new tools?  

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