New defense suite strengthens university cyberspace

Tuesday 01/17/2023

Cyberthreats are evolving at a rapid pace. FSU must continue to advance our policies and strengthen our security architecture to remain ahead of the modern threat landscape.

ITS recently implemented a new enterprise defense suite on all FSU-owned devices. Per the university’s Information Security Policy (4-OP-H-5), all FSU-owned desktops and laptops must run a computer protection and threat response service. Devices not compliant with this requirement create an undue risk to the university and may be removed from the network.

Enterprise computer protection and threat response is a cybersecurity best practice that monitors, detects and responds to security threats across the FSU network. The new defense suite, powered by Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, delivers the most advanced threat protection available to FSU devices. It is designed to stop attacks before they happen, protecting against malware, ransomware and cryptoware—to name a few.

If you use an FSU-owned device, please check with your department’s IT manager to ensure your device has been properly configured and secured or submit a case so we can work with you to configure your device.

Individuals will not notice any significant changes when working on a device with the new defense suite. The system runs completely in the background with no known adverse effects to a computer’s performance.

For more information or questions, please contact or visit the ITS computer protection and threat response webpage.