Have you connected to the new Umbrella DNS server?

Thursday 06/16/2022

We have discontinued recursive DNS service from DNS1.fsu.edu and DNS2.fsu.edu. All your devices should now be configured to get DNS service from the Umbrella servers shown below. 

Devices that are not already using the Umbrella servers for their DNS service will need to be reconfigured to use the Umbrella servers. Depending on your department's configuration you would need to do one of the following:  

  • For departments that use the ITS-Core DHCP service, this change will be transparent because it is handled through a DHCP setting that we control. If your setting is changed, you will be notified before and when the change takes place. 
  • University Housing residents will be migrated from dnsr1.fsu.edu ( and dnsr2.fsu.edu ( to Umbrella, and the recursive service on DNSR1 and DNSR2 will be turned off. 
  • For departments with their own DHCP service, or for departments with servers or devices that don’t get their DNS settings from the ITS-Core DHCP service, you will need to make this change yourself. If you are currently using dns1.fsu.edu ( or dns2.fsu.edu (, you will need to change those settings to use the Umbrella addresses.  
  • For departments that manage servers, switches, or any other network-connected devices, you will need a plan to convert your settings to use the Umbrella addresses. 

The primary recursive DNS servers for use by campus devices are known as the “Umbrella” servers and they are at these addresses: umbrella-va01.ispo.fsu.edu umbrella-va02.ispo.fsu.edu umbrella-va03.ispo.fsu.edu 

It is recommended that you configure two and only two servers for DNS service. This provides all the redundancy you need. Configuring more than two DNS servers creates load and traffic without providing a benefit. For path diversity, it is recommended that you select as one of your servers and then flip a coin to select one of the other servers as your second server.