FSU ending alumni email for life service

Monday 06/27/2022

Florida State University and the FSU Alumni Association provide multiple alumni benefits, one of which will soon be changing. 

Starting in 2022, alumni will no longer have access to their FSU email account for life. Instead, alumni will be able to retain their FSU email account for one year after graduation before the account is closed. 

“When we started looking at the data, we found that fewer than 10% of alumni have accessed their FSU email account even one time over the past three years,” explains Bobby Sprinkle, FSU chief technology officer. “Email is just not a service that is getting much use among our alumni anymore.” 

This decreased usage combined with the opportunity for long-term cost efficiencies and increased cyber security potential resulted in the decision to discontinue lifetime alumni email service at FSU. In addition, this change follows the trend of other national universities discontinuing alumni email service, including the University of Florida and the University of Illinois. 

Moving forward, FSU alumni can continue to use their FSU email for one year after their graduation date. Once the accounts have closed, alumni will no longer be able to send or receive messages, and all emails and contacts stored in the account will be deleted. 

Alumni who are not currently using their @my.fsu.edu email do not need to take any action. Inactive alumni email accounts will be closed in Summer 2022. 

Alumni who have accessed their account within the last two years will have continued access until May of 2025, however, if they do not access their email for a one-year period, they will lose access at that time.  

You can learn more about this change on our One O365 website.