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One O365 for Alumni

This is not a goodbye, it’s a keep in touch. 

Per Florida State University’s new email policy, Florida State University is ending the alumni email for life benefit. With this change, you will no longer be able to log in to your alumni email mailbox, send emails from your FSU alumni inbox, or receive emails to your FSU alumni mailbox. If you are currently using your FSU alumni email your access will be removed by May 2025. If you have not accessed your email within the past two years as of June 2022, you will lose access during the summer of 2022. 

What is Changing? 

Florida State University is phasing out alumni email for life. Due to declining usage, enhancing university cyber security efficiencies and trends within higher education, FSU has decided to discontinue the @my.fsu.edu alumni email service. Moving forward, FSU alumni will retain access to their FSU email for one year after graduation.  


This change will go into effect in June 2022. 


This decision is based on the declining usage of the alumni email service and follows the trend of other universities discontinuing alumni email, including the University of Florida and the University of Illinois, among others.  

As an alumnus of Florida State University, we want to provide you with valuable services. FSU reviewed the usage of email provided to our alumni and learned that fewer than 10% of FSU alumni have accessed this benefit over the past three years. While email is no longer proving to be as meaningful a benefit to our alumni community, you will continue to receive a host of other alumni benefits. 

As a result, we plan to begin to discontinue the alumni email service beginning in the summer of 2022.


Summer 2022

Inactive alumni email accounts closed

Fall 2022

2FA required to access alumni mailboxes


Alumni email accounts not accessed during any one-year period closed

May 2025

Remaining @my.fsu.edu alumni email accounts closed


How to Prepare

To minimize the inconvenience of this change, we are providing advanced notice to our alumni. 

If you are not currently using your @my.fsu.edu email, you do not need to take any action. Your account will be closed out during summer 2022. 

If you are actively using your @my.fsu.edu account, you will need to take the following actions.

Step 1

Switch to an alternate email account

If you have used your @my.fsu.edu email as your primary email account, you may want to open or use another email account. Many popular and reputable free email services are available, such as Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

Step 1

Transfer your email and files

Back up your email and move any important emails from your @my.fsu.edu account to your new email account. 

You will also want to back up any OneDrive files, as OneDrive access also will be ending. 

Step 1

Update contact info

We want to keep in touch! So, start by updating your contact information and primary email in myFSU Portal and oneFSU. This will help you stay informed about FSU events and Alumni Association benefits. 

You also will want to update your email address and contact info for all accounts where you have your @my.fsu.edu email listed. Since password reset links are often sent to the email account on file, it is important that you make this change before your alumni account is closed , otherwise, you may risk losing access to your non-FSU online accounts. 

Also update your email address on other websites and accounts, such as Amazon or LinkedIn. 


Step 1

Update out of office message

Notify friends and family of your new email address by setting up automatic replies or an “out of office” message on your @my.fsu.edu email address. The message could say something along the lines of:

“If you reached me at X@my.fsu.edu, please note that my email address has changed to X@X. I will be unable to receive emails at X@myfsu.edu after May 1, 2025.” 

Consider adding this line to your email signature so your contacts know that your email will be changing:

“My email is changing! Need to reach me? Be sure to send all future emails to X@X.”


When will my @my.fsu.edu alumni email end? 

If you have not accessed your @my.fsu.edu email in the past two years as of June 2022, beginning in the summer of 2022 you will no longer be able to access your @my.fsu.edu email account. Emails sent to @my.fsu.edu addresses will no longer be delivered and email forwarding from this address will end. Attempts to send email to @my.fsu.edu addresses after summer 2022, will bounce back to the sender as “undeliverable.” 

If you currently access your @my.fsu.edu email, you will have access until May of 2025. However, you will need to set up 2-factor authentication to continue to access your alumni account, which instructions will be provided in the fall. Also, should you not access your email within a one-year time period your account will close. Once your account closes, you will no longer be able to access your @my.fsu.edu email account, old emails will be permanently deleted, emails sent to @my.fsu.edu addresses will no longer be delivered and email forwarding from this address will end. Attempts to send email to @my.fsu.edu addresses after May 2025, will bounce back to the sender as “undeliverable.”

How long will alumni have access to FSU email after graduation?

Alumni will have access to their FSU email for one year after their final semester of enrollment.

What email migration support is the university providing for alumni?

Alumni are responsible for backing up their email data prior to their @my.fsu.edu account closing. If you wish to back up your FSU email, please see How do I back up my FSU email

How do I back up my FSU email?

Saving emails from your FSU email account is easy. If you wish to back up your account, please see How do I back up my FSU email?

Can I pay to keep my alumni email account? 

No. Alumni email accounts will close one year after graduation. There is no option to purchase additional years.

How do you forward emails to a new account?

Email forwarding will work as long as the original account is open. Once your FSU account closes, email forwarding will stop. To set up email forwarding until your account closes, follow the instructions in this FAQ: How do I forward my email to another address?

I received a notification that my account is closing, but I am still connected with FSU as a student, staff or faculty member. What should I do?

If you think you received a notification in error, please reach out to ITS and we will follow up on your request. Please follow these steps should you need to process an inquiry to ITS


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FSU Statement 

Florida State University remains committed to delivering a positive alumni experience. Alumni benefits and services change over the years based on demand and feasibility. As always, we will continue to look for new ways to provide valuable alumni benefits.


FSU is here to help. If you have questions or need assistance, please report a problem or contact the ITS Service Desk at help.fsu.edu.