Derek Kooi giving ITS a presentation on Viva

Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva is the first employee experience platform built for the digital era.

It brings together communications, insights, knowledge and learning into an integrated experience that empowers people and teams to be their best, from anywhere. Microsoft Viva at Florida State University is comprised of three separate modules that blend together to make a complete employee experience suite. Each of these exciting new modules provides new capabilities that promise to significantly improve the way information is shared throughout the workplace.


In the past few years, the need for proper work-life balance has become apparent. Also important is finding the balance in your work life. With Viva, you can find the balance between reflection, connection and professional development. Viva is here to help you stay on top of tasks, create time for focused work, communicate effectively and more. Gain insights, purpose, connection and empowerment through Viva.


Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform that empowers employees and teams to be their best. Through Viva Insights, Learning and Goals you have a variety of tools to help you see the bigger picture and manage your work life. Whether it is understanding your meeting habits, learning new skills and techniques or understanding your part in the larger ITS strategic goals Viva has a tool to help. Users are able to see their personal analytics and use these tools to improve their work-life through various application tools. You can be assured that while using Viva the analytics data is kept private and protected, and any insights you receive are confidential to you.

Viva Insights

Explore ways to build better work habits and prioritize wellbeing with actionable recommendations

Viva Learn

Discover, share and track learning content based on interests from diverse learning providers and custom-curated content from experts at FSU

Viva Goals

A goal setting and management solution to help align personal and team priorities with strategic goals


March 2023

ITS Core Adoption Team Kickoff

April 2023

ITS Town Hall Staff Rollout

Summer 2023

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How do I install and pin Microsoft Viva apps to my personal Microsoft Teams? 

  1. Search for one of the Viva apps using the three-dot menu in the Teams left navigation
  2. Right click and pin the app to your sidebar

How do I add the Viva Learning tab to my Teams channel?

  1. Open a Teams channel and select the plus sign (+) to add a tab
  2. Search for and select Viva Learning
  3. Title the tab "Viva Learning"
  4. Courses will now appear in the Viva Learning tab to all members of the Teams channel


Viva Office Hours

Join the ITS Viva leads during open office hours to help with your journey through Microsoft Viva

April 26 | 3-5PM
May 1 | 2-4PM

Guided Simulations

Experience how to use Microsoft Viva using step-by-step walkthroughs

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Manager Insights
Viva Learning
Viva Goals


Answers to all your questions for quick, DIY troubleshooting

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Viva Communications Kit

Learn more and help us promote Viva within ITS with these materials

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