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Data Ports

Data Ports


FSU provides wired network connectivity via wall outlets, or data ports, to dozens of buildings across campus. Data ports include all core switches and routers and required hardware and software. Choose between baseline port management services, offering speeds up to 10Mbps, or premium services, offering connection speeds from 10-1000Mbps for standard ports or 1GB or 10GB for critical infrastructure ports. Premium port management also includes port moves and changes, regular equipment updates and priority support for service calls.


Central Management

automatic software upgrades, system maintenance and equipment replacements from team of technical experts

Access Control Lists

 regulate who has access to network

DHCP and DNS Services

includes dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) and domain name system (DNS) services

Network Planning

up to 20 hours/year of network design and architecture and network capacity planning



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Port Management  
Services include: 

  • 10/100/1000 Mbps port connectivity (contingent on data wiring) 
  • Core Switches and Routers 
  • Core Service Access Control Lists 
  • Network Management hardware and software 
  • Management of Campus Wide Bandwidth (Inter and Intra Campus) 
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) services 
  • Domain Name Server (DNS) services 
  • Network Authentication services 
  • Connectivity to the Wide Area Network (Internet, Internet2, etc.) 
  • Outdoor Wireless Coverage On campus 
  • Secure encrypted wireless login for faculty and staff (via FSUSecure) 
  • Rudimentary network design and architecture (Up to 10 hours per year) 
  • Rudimentary network capacity planning (Up to 10 hours per year) 
  • Networking equipment is refreshed as appropriate and maintained at current levels of technology. 
  •  All port additions, moves, and changes. (Department is responsible for costs of any additional wiring and/or conduits.) 
  • Scheduled UPS testing and battery maintenance 
  • Service call priority (vs. non-SLU customer) 
  • Quarterly review of subscriber departments’ ACL configurations 
  • Network reports tailored to needs of Partner 

For more information on services, roles & responsibilities, fees and procedures, take a look at our Service Level Understanding (SLU) for Network Services.