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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment


In today’s tech world, risk is inherent. The purpose of a risk assessment is to identify events that could negatively impact your department and the university. Data breaches, ransomware and hurricanes are all very real threats, and it is imperative to be aware of and prepare for these hazards. ITS will work with your department to proactively assess cyberthreats, network vulnerabilities, data regulations and other possible impacts. The process identifies weaknesses and establishes baseline security controls. Departments then receive a customized plan of the best and most cost-effective mitigations.  


Comprehensive Assessment

examine business, system and natural-related hazards

Risk Analysis

determine likelihood of risks and severity of consequences before they happen

Proactive Security Controls

establish executable measures to secure department hardware, software and data

Actionable Report

customized mitigation plan with straightforward actions and risk controls



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