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Information Technology Assessment

Information Technology Assessment


The ITS Information Technology Assessment is a voluntary, collaborative effort with FSU departments who desire a better understanding of how they are using and managing information technology. The assessment includes a review of the acquisition, distribution, and management of IT resources and a review of the staffing levels and positions required for supporting a department's IT environment. As part of the assessment, ITS evaluates ten different IT categories and provides recommendations to help the department achieve its goals. 


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ITS seeks to understand the specific needs of each department 

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results give step-by-step actions based on assessment results

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receive a full report and presentation of assessment finding

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full, comprehensive assessment of IT needs



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Getting Started

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The assessment process will cover the following areas:  

  • Information Technology Administration and Management - ITS will review your unit's management and reporting structure for information technology. The areas covered in this section are IT staffing levels, budgets, projects, and planning. ITS will also examine any documentation relating to current IT policies and procedures.  

  • IT User Satisfaction Survey – To receive insightful feedback from your user community, ITS will conduct an end-user technology survey. The survey results will be provided to the unit and will include recommendations to address areas for improvement.  

  • Network and Telecommunications Infrastructure - ITS will conduct a systematic review of the networking and telecommunication infrastructure used to support both wired and wireless networks in your unit. The review includes the condition of the current network wiring and associated equipment. Suggestions and recommendations for improvements will be made, including any changes necessary to update the existing telephone system to current FSU VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) specifications.  

  • Account Management & Network Services - ITS will review the use of network services that are the foundation of a networked computing environment. Included in the evaluation are directory services, such as Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), as well as assessing the use of Domain Name Service (DNS) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). Password and user access policies are also reviewed.   

  • Server Infrastructure and Applications – Your unit's back-end server infrastructure will be assessed. This includes the server room, server hardware, operating systems, patching, warranty, support contracts, and inventory. ITS will also review data storage and associated protections, such as backup and recovery solutions. The team also evaluates server-based applications such as e-mail, calendaring, and database services. The use of virtualization technologies and opportunities for virtualization will be explored.  

  • Workstations, Peripherals, and Software – Your department’s workstation environment will be assessed. The review will address life cycle management and patch management to ensure that they conform to computing best practices as set forth by ITS. 

  • IT Security - ITS will conduct interviews, gather documents, and related literature to assess your department's safeguards for protecting information technology. Automated scans will be performed to identify system vulnerabilities and ensure that personally identifiable information (PII) is adequately protected. The review will also include compliance with industry and federal standards for IT security, such as FERPA, PCI-DSS, and HIPPA.  

  • Specialized or Unique Applications Review – This is an analysis of your department’s unique applications and software. These applications can be supported either in-house or by contract with outside vendors. Applications can be purchased, off-the-shelf solutions, or custom-developed. 

  • Audio Visual Equipment and Resources - ITS will review audio/visual equipment currently used in conference rooms, event space, and classrooms.  

  • Web Services – To understand how web services are managed, ITS will review your unit's current websites, including the technologies used to provide web services. Compliance with University branding requirements is also covered.