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Mailing List/Listserv

Mailing List/Listserv


These lists, powered by GNU Mailman, are perfect for allowing a closed group of members to send messages to a group of people with common interests or responsibilities. Listservs are ideal if you want to allow a group of people to easily email each other with a single, memorable email address. Lists owners can use a web interface to tweak an array of settings to customize the list for their purposes.


Wide Audience

lists can include FSU and off-campus email addresses


lists can be configured to allow members to self-subscribe, or list admins can control membership

Admin Interface

web-based admin panel lets list administrators manage members and customize settings


all list messages can be stored on a webpage that is either public or restricted to list members



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Available To


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Getting Started

Request this service and include the following information:

  • Requested List Name
    • Should conform to internet email standards, containing only letters numbers, dashes, and underscores.
    • Email address will appear as
  • Email address(es) of the owner(s):
    • Must be in the domain

Additional Information

New lists may only be requested by full-time faculty/staff and must support the mission of the University. Student Organizations are not supported.
Mailman: User Guide for List Subscribers
GNU Mailman List Management Guide v2.0

GNU Mailman List Manager's Quick Reference Card

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