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Accessibility and Link Checking

Accessibility and Link Checking



“I love scouring hundreds of webpages looking for broken links.” Said no one ever. Enter Siteimprove, a tool that crawls university websites and checks for common errors—such as accessibility issues, broken links and spelling errors. Siteimprove then flags issues and inconsistencies and provides recommendations for how to fix them. Easy-to-interpret reports break down exactly what code needs to be fixed to improve site accessibility, optimize search engine discovery and ultimately enhance the quality of your website.


Automated Scans

identify accessibility issues, broken links, spelling errors and more

Site Dashboard

highlights errors and presents recommended fixes

Drupal Integration

integrates directly with university WCMS for easy editing


performance metrics and industry benchmarks gauge overall website health



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Available To


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Getting Started

Request this service with the following information:

  • Website URL
  • Name(s) and email(s) of FSU employees who need access

Additional Information

Site must be owned and managed by an FSU unit

Accessibility Top 10 & NextGen Overview with Siteimprove