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Generic and Shared Accounts

Generic and Shared Accounts


FSU departments and organizations may request the creation of a shared email address. These accounts are perfect for representing a department, work group or project team across campus, with multiple team members able to receive and respond to incoming messages.


Easily Accessible

can be accessed by multiple users via a security group


can be customized with or without branding to represent

Shared Calendar

stay on track with team goals and events with a shared

Password Control

the mailbox password does not need to be shared with multiple users for them to gain access



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Available To


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Getting Started

Departmental email administrators can request a new resource calendar by requesting the service

Note: Please identify the user or group of users who will be managing this resource, so they can be granted full access permissions to edit any scheduling options.
Items needed for the support request:

  • Account Description | include a short description for the purpose of the account
  • Department | include the full department name and the 3 or 4 letter department abbreviation
  • User Login Name | anything other than COLL-RequestedName, DEPT-RequestedName or ORG-RequestedName will need branding approval
  • Display Name | the name that is both displayed in the Global Address List and on an email when sending messages, by default the user logon name is used
  • Account Manager | the person who will oversee the account as the technical manager of the generic mailbox
  • Group Membership | list any security groups for which this account will need to be a member of

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