Information Security & Privacy Office


All university employees are required to complete FSU Basic Cybersecurity Awareness training. To complete the required training follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with FSUID and password
  3. Under myFSU Links, click Training and Enrollment then Request Training
  4. Click Search by Course Name and Search for “Basic Cybersecurity”
  5. Click View Available Sessions and Click a Session
  6. Under Session click the course number
  7. Click Continue to register for the course
  8. An email will be sent in 2-4 hours with the course registration information on If you do not receive an email, log into Canvas and see if the course is on your dashboard.


Upcoming ISPO Trainings


Event Date Time Location
How to Spot a Phish
Don’t take the bait! This training will cover the different types of phishing and social engineering exploits that attempt to trick you into giving up personal information. We will demonstrate how attackers do this through emails, phone calls and even texting. Leave this session with tips and tricks on how to spot and deflect these malicious attempts to steal your personal data.
10/20/2021 10-11AM Zoom
What does the Security Operations Center (SOC) do?
Take a peek inside the FSU Security Operations Center. A centralized operational cybersecurity team engaged in monitoring the FSU enterprise’s IT Security and managing incident response. This team of superheroes not only works to remediate internal breaches, but they also work to thwart external cyber-attacks.
10/21/2021 10-11AM Zoom
Emergency Management at FSU
How does FSU prepare for and cope with emergencies? This session will give you insight into the operations of the FSU Emergency Management team and how they plan for and process emergencies as they occur at the university. We will discuss the university's all-hazards emergency framework which drives preparedness, response, and recovery actions for a variety of emergency conditions that could adversely affect the health, safety, or general welfare of the FSU community.
10/29/2021 10-11AM Zoom



What is it and what does it do?


Phishing illustration


Learn how to identify phishing attacks with these helpful tips.




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