Tech Tips for Hurricane Season

Friday 08/18/2023

When preparing for another hurricane season, technology is likely the last thing on your mind. But after you have stocked up on water, non-perishable goods and first-aid, it is a good idea to think about how to prepare yourself for any technical surprises. Here are some tech tips to get you ready for this rainy season.

  • Back up all important data ahead of storm season
    Hardware can get damaged or lost in a flood or evacuation. You should always be backing up your data to the cloud, and this time is no different. Additionally, if you do have to evacuate, having all your data in the cloud means it will be accessible no matter where you go.
  • Keep your technology in a safe location
    Move your hardware to higher ground and make sure the location is stable. In case your floor floods or a filing cabinet gets knocked over, you want to make sure your devices stay safe.
  • Prepare for power surges
    A power surge is when a spike of voltage comes through a power cord or socket. These can be fairly common during intense storms because electrical overload, lightning strikes and the restoration of power after an outage can all cause power surges. Use surge protectors or unplug electronics during a storm to help protect yourself from surges.
  • Preserve battery power
    A cell phone is a crucial tool in an emergency situation. If you know a storm is approaching, be sure to charge your devices ahead of time and resist using them during a power outage unless absolutely necessary. You want to conserve as much battery power as possible, because it is not always clear when power will return.

In a hurricane, the most important thing is to protect yourself. Part of protecting yourself is protecting your technology from harm.