STF Spotlight: College of Law Lecture Halls

Wednesday 10/25/2023

The Florida State University College of Law has been able to install ceiling microphones, cameras, and encoders in almost every classroom and courtroom in the law school thanks to student tech fee funds. The recording devices capture audio and visuals during lectures and discussions, with the encoders publishing the recording to the Canvas page automatically. All students and faculty have access to this technology to benefit their learning experience within the facilities and programs offered at the College of Law. 

AV systems engineer Lee Shell, says that the STF funds allowed the College of Law to put several recorders across 2 control rooms in order to provide livestream capabilities, lecture capture, and asynchronous learning to several classrooms and courtrooms. These recorders also allow for true hybrid learning as multiple microphones are installed for clear audio and discussions.  

The recording devices allow for greater flexibility for students and relieve worry for those who miss a class. Jack Linford, professor of law, says that this new technology has also enabled students to review material in preparation for exams, as well as alleviating the fear of falling behind for those who need to learn at their own pace or are not able to be in class.  


This technology helps students feel more comfortable whether they are in the classroom or watching a lecture remotely. 

Alberto Garcia Marrero, college of law student

The College of Law is one of the few institutions that has this technology. It benefits the students during class time, but this technology also benefits students or civic groups using the College of Law’s facilities. Third-year law student Alberto Garcia Marrero, says that he enjoys the ease of use when hosting events, allowing guests to join in that may not be able to come in person. Marrero also says that the recording devices have enhanced his learning experience by allowing more opportunities through remote learning.  

To learn more about the FSU College of Law and how they have benefited from the installation of recording devices, visit the ITS YouTube channel.