RCC Website Gets a New Home

Friday 08/25/2023

The Research Computing Center (RCC) website has merged with the ITS website.

RCC content can be found in the new “Research” section located in the main navigation of the ITS website: its.fsu.edu/research.

The new section is dedicated to advancing the availability and application of research technology at FSU. Here, researchers can peruse grant resources, review RCC policies and quickly request access to research technology services, such as the high performance compute cluster or archival storage. The main page also offers convenient access to RCC accounts, software documentation and research request forms.

Site visitors can browse news articles that spotlight breakthrough FSU research and applications of available research technologies or view a list of upcoming research computing training and events—giving individuals a chance to see research technologies in action at FSU.

“The new webpages will make our service offerings more discoverable by the FSU research community and will streamline communications so that RCC staff can better focus on our core mission—helping further research at FSU,” states Casey McLaughlin, RCC support coordinator.

The transition to the new web domain streamlined research technology content, providing more direct and efficient access to research technology services and support and directly supporting the ITS initiative of increased focus on research at FSU.

To learn more about research technologies at FSU, visit the RCC webpages at its.fsu.edu/research.