June LinkedIn Learning Recommendations

Tuesday 06/27/2023

All FSU students, faculty and staff have free access to LinkedIn Learning, an online learning site that promotes self-guided training in almost anything you can imagine: business, technology, the arts and more. It can also prepare you to get certified in a variety of software applications, even providing discount codes to register for certification exams. To access LinkedIn Learning, log in with your FSUID and password at its.fsu.edu/linkedinlearning.
There are thousands of LinkedIn Learning courses out there. Today, we are spotlighting a few basics to start with that will be helpful no matter what your career aspirations are.

Excel Essential Training with Dennis Taylor
LinkedIn Learning offers many different courses on specific Excel functions, but this course is a wonderful place to start. Taylor covers the basics of entering and analyzing data, using formulas and building charts. Most of us are more familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint and Word, but Excel is an application that is used in every industry.
Job Hunting for College Grads with Lida Citroën
If you are about to enter your final year at FSU or are a recent graduate, this hour-long course is the perfect way to prepare for finding a job. Citroën will guide you through tangible actions, like writing a solid resume and building your personal brand, while also providing tips for entering the job search with a positive mindset.
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Doug Rose
There is little doubt that you have run into more than one conversation about artificial intelligence with the popularity of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. If you find yourself totally lost in these conversations, check out this beginner course that will give you an overview of AI and how it is transforming career fields across the board. Later in the course, you will hear more about common algorithms and how to use AI to your benefit.
Tech Simplified: Everyday Tech Questions with Jess Stratton 
Maybe you are not in the mindset to learn an entirely new skill. There are plenty of more laid-back course options available, too. This half-hour course focuses on some of our most common tech questions that you may feel like you should already know. What does “the cloud” mean anyway? What exactly are “cookies?” What should I do with my old devices? Stratton answers these questions and more in succinct and accessible videos. 

If you find yourself with a little extra time between sunbathing and surfing this summer, check out these LinkedIn Learning courses. Take advantage of your free access and walk away with some new knowledge.