July LinkedIn Learning Recommendations

Friday 07/28/2023

All FSU students, faculty and staff have free access to LinkedIn Learning, an online learning site that promotes self-guided training in almost anything you can imagine: business, technology, the arts and more. It can also prepare you to get certified in a variety of software applications, even providing discount codes to register for certification exams. To access LinkedIn Learning, log in with your FSUID and password at its.fsu.edu/linkedinlearning.

The fall semester is right around the corner, and the best way to start a new school year is with good intentions and the right mindset. Today, we are spotlighting a few courses that revolve around personal development.

One Minute Habits for Success with Scott Mautz

This short course describes quick habits you can implement to assist with your mindset, skillset and reset capabilities. Whether you are struggling with accountability, communication, focus or purpose, there is a lesson in here for you. Maybe just pick out a handful of one-minute habits you want to start implementing this school year.

How to Set Goals When Everything Feels Like a Priority with Dorie Clark

Goal setting is something we are told to do time and time again—but do you really understand what that process looks like? Maybe you want to find a balance between exercise and studying, or you want to be more social and you want to stop procrastinating… that is a lot to keep straight. Clark’s course can help you highlight your priorities and learn how to take action.

Building a Better To-Do List with Mike Vardy and Madecraft

We have probably all made a to-do list, but how many of them do we actually finish? Sometimes the problem does not lie with us, but with the list itself. This course will teach you how to master building a list you can actually complete, using time, energy and resources all as a guide for how to structure your tasks.

How to Highlight Your Job Skills with Chris Taylor

If you are entering your last few semesters at FSU, it may be time to start thinking about your career development. You may be writing resumes or CVs for job applications or graduate school. Knowing the key elements to elevate your career profile is the key to success. Join Taylor in this course all about putting your best foot forward.

If you find yourself with a little extra time between sunbathing and surfing this summer, check out these LinkedIn Learning courses. Take advantage of your free access and walk away with some new knowledge.