IT Services’ InternFSU positions are open

Thursday 06/22/2023

Each semester, the FSU Career Center organizes the InternFSU program, which provides 100 on-campus, paid internship opportunities for undergraduate students. InternFSU is present in many departments on campus, including Information Technology Services.
This fall, ITS is offering 12 different internship positions, each poised to provide applicants with new skillsets. The program runs from September to December. Applications for the Fall 2023 semester are now open and will close on July 10. 
Below are just a handful of the open positions.
Cybersecurity Intern
The cybersecurity intern will be assisting with several research and policy revisions that impact FSU students, faculty and staff. Specifically, the intern will be able to gain experience with reviewing and updating policies, procedures, standards and guidelines following the evaluation of various campus applications against institutionally accepted security controls for compliance. Other activities could include providing support for compliance monitoring and investigations, assisting with security incident management and fact gathering and assisting with vulnerability assessments and penetration testing.
IT Project Management Intern
The goal of the project management intern is to assist the ITS Project Management Office (PMO) in completing the development and documentation of the PMO strategic plan and publishing it to the ITS website, as well as assisting in the creation of project management training resources and processes.
User Experience Research Intern
The user experience research intern will assist in talking with students, staff and faculty from across campus to better understand what is working (and not working) with technology at FSU. Throughout the semester, the intern will assist with gathering, analyzing and reporting on data from a variety of topics. By the end of the semester, the intern will have a number of work artifacts to add to their portfolio. In this role, you will gain experience with developing and conducting user surveys, focus groups and user acceptance testing and training.
ITS Data Research Intern
This internship will be conducted in a group setting. Six interns will be selected to go through five years of FSU student, faculty, staff and visitor feedback. The goal of this internship is to organize all our user feedback into searchable categories using a software called NVivo. This will consist of gathering feedback, sorting through feedback, creating a code book, coding the wide variety of data and inputting all the data into NVivo so the Culture and Engagement team at ITS can easily search through years of data to help make informed, user-focused decisions.
Writing and Editing Specialist Intern
The writing and editing specialist intern will be tasked with using the power of the pen—er, keyboard—to highlight the many ways technology is being used at FSU to enhance the student experience and create an innovative learning and working environment while also sharing tips and tricks for general technology skills.
Other Internships
The following are other open positions at ITS. For the full list of options, check out the NoleNetwork InternFSU page, where you can go to fill out your application.

  • Cybersecurity Technology Intern
  • Strategy and Service Management Intern
  • Digital Marketing Content Development Intern
  • ITS Infrastructure Operations Intern
  • User Experience and Custom Application Design Intern
  • Financial Analyst Intern
  • Enterprise Document Management Intern

The InternFSU program is a fantastic way to get your feet wet in a potential future career path. Whether or not your degree is centered around technology or computers, ITS encourages you to apply to any position that interests you. Specific work schedules will depend on the student’s supervisor, but all participants work no more than 120 hours over the course of the semester and are paid $14/hour.
Visit the Career Center for more information on the InternFSU program.