Duo’ know me? Only for 7 days

Friday 05/05/2023

This past March, your Duo prompt screen got a makeover. This is the screen that allows us to send a push to our device to confirm a login. 

New Duo screen with Trust my browser prompt

New Duo remember me screen

With the new look, you will also see an update to the ‘remember me’ ability. Starting this summer, you will be able to stay Duo verified for seven days rather than the current 30 days. Every 7 days you will need to reverify you are logging in via the Duo push notification. This change is to help increase security among all devices. You should use the remember me ability only on devices you own that no one else has access to. 

We also want to use this upgrade as a chance to remind you of the importance of only accepting a push you request. Often, users will receive a notification asking if they are trying to log in and will accept it without thinking if it is really them. Getting a push you did not request can be a sign that someone is trying to hack your account. Granting access compromises the safety of your account and gives hackers access to your personal data. 

Remember, you will only receive a push notification when you request one from the Duo prompt screen. If you receive a push that you did not ask for, do not accept the push! Two-factor authentication is here to help keep your account safe, so take extra precautions when being asked to verify it is you. 

Learn more about how Duo helps keep your account safe with 2-factor authentication on the ITS website.