Don’t Be Fooled into Giving Away Your Info!

Thursday 04/27/2023

Don't be fooled! 

April is known for playful hoaxes and tricks, but don’t be fooled into giving away your sensitive information to anyone. Here are some tips on maintaining your cybersecurity all year long. 

1. Update Your Passwords 

Always use strong and unique passwords to secure your accounts. While it may be easy, it’s not advisable to use the same password for multiple accounts, especially if they are important websites that hold sensitive information. Utilizing the password manager on your device is the safest way to use unique combinations, while also ensuring you will remember them. 

2. Do Not Click Links from Unknown Senders 

All it takes is one wrong click to install a virus or software onto your device. To be cautious, when sent a link from someone unfamiliar, it’s best to ignore the message and not click or respond to it in any way. 

3. Schedule Regular Data Backups  

It is no coincidence that World Backup Day falls the day before April Fools Day, on March 31. Make a habit of backing up important files to prevent potential headaches down the road. 

4. Look Out for Suspicious Emails  

Email phishing attacks are tools to take sensitive information and compromise your device. Any urgent messages that stir emotions or urge recipients to provide sensitive details like banking information should be discarded. 

Visit the ITS website for more tips on how to protect yourself online