Digital Survival Guide: Essential Storm-Ready Tech Tips  

Monday 06/17/2024

What’s the one thing every Floridian has likely experienced? If you said “a hurricane,” then you would be correct! This year, the Atlantic Hurricane Season kicks off on June 1 and runs through November 30, 2024. Hurricanes are classified into five categories, ranging from category one storm, with winds reaching up to 95 miles per hour, while category five has winds exceeding 155 miles per hour. Storms are no joke and can leave your home without water, electricity, and even cause physical damage. It's crucial to prep your tech for any storm that might strike. 

  • Download disaster preparedness apps 

Head to your phone’s app store and download helpful apps offering emergency alerts and guidance for weathering severe conditions. Ensure you grab these apps well before a storm hits, as you may lose connectivity once it does. 

  • Charge devices 

It may seem obvious but charge your electronic devices before the storm hits. This includes smartphones, laptops, power banks, and other essential electronics you might need during power outages. Keep a power bank handy because it can be used to charge your phone after its initial charge has died.   

  • Install a whole-house surge protection device 

Consider installing a whole-house surge protection system at your electrical panel. These systems can provide protection for all the devices and appliances connected to your home's electrical system. This will protect your home from a storm surge.  

  • Invest in a backup power source  

A portable generator proves invaluable during power outages, providing a reliable backup power source to keep appliances and devices operational. When selecting a generator, factor in fuel type, power output capacity, and portability to ensure it meets your needs and protects your home during a storm. 

  • Turn on FSU alerts and notifications 

Make sure to turn on notifications and follow FSU Alerts on X for updates during an emergency. You can also download the SeminoleSAFE mobile app or visit the FSU Alerts site to receive additional updates in a weather emergency. 

These are just a few of the ways to prepare your tech. It is important to always stay vigilant because you never know when an impending hurricane may come your way.