Department Inactivation Project

Tuesday 11/14/2023

FSU has been working on two projects to solve the issue of inactive FSU IDs and improving communication with the university’s suppliers.  

The first project is the Department Inactivation Project. The FSU Budget Office implemented a new policy and procedure designed to standardize the inactivation of unused department IDs in myFSU Financials. For many departments that have not been used for several years, their status is still "active" with poses a problem. Unused department IDs are often loaded into other FSU systems which can create errors and/or inefficiencies by posing as valid choices for financial transactions. Enterprise Solutions has worked with the Budget Office to develop the newly automated process which will create efficiencies, allow for approval workflow, and minimize department ID inactivation process personnel hours. 

FSU also implemented PaymentWorks, an advanced supplier information software provider, in collaboration with the Controller’s Office and Procurement Services. As a result of this implementation, both the university and our suppliers will benefit greatly. PaymentWorks went live on October 13, 2023. Below are a few of the benefits that went out to the University Community via the FinRep list serv: 

  • Automated Supplier Onboarding – Campus departments will no longer be tasked with collecting confidential information from suppliers. PaymentWorks will replace the current Qualtrics Substitute W9 and the need for collecting W9 and W8 forms from suppliers. 
  • Ease of Use – PaymentWorks requires departments to send a short invitation to request their supplier to onboard. 
  • Reduced Risk and Enhanced Data Accuracy –This change is not just about efficiency; it's also about reducing risk. PaymentWorks will enhance security by centralizing and validating sensitive information, such as TIN/SSN/EIN, vendor addresses, and banking details. This validation will occur immediately in many cases, reducing data entry errors and ensuring accuracy. 
  • Improved Visibility – Suppliers and department initiators will gain visibility of invoice statuses that promote transparency and communication. 
  • Reduced Email Exchanges – Say goodbye to lengthy email chains. PaymentWorks will minimize the need for continuous email exchanges between suppliers, department contacts, and staff responsible for supplier information.