August LinkedIn Learning Recommendations

Tuesday 08/29/2023

All FSU students, faculty and staff have free access to LinkedIn Learning, an online learning site that promotes self-guided training in almost anything you can imagine: business, technology, the arts and more. It can also prepare you to get certified in a variety of software applications, even providing discount codes to register for certification exams. To access LinkedIn Learning, log in with your FSUID and password at

You can take your pick from thousands of videos, but today we are spotlighting courses that will help you nurture your creative side.

Advance Your Skills in Graphic Design
Graphic design is about creativity, but it is also about finding the most effective way to communicate information. This collection will introduce you to the main concepts of graphic design and help you fill your toolbox with tips on layout, composition, typography, color and more. There is a lot of content in this one, so feel free to jump between videos to the content you find most beneficial.

Learn Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator
This collection will explore the image-editing capabilities of Photoshop, the layout features of InDesign and the artistic opportunities of Illustrator. Appropriate for beginners, these videos are centered on showing off the core features of each application so you can approach your next design project with a little more know-how.

Write a Song
LinkedIn Learning is capable of teaching you more than how to use the latest gadgets and apps. This course will take you through the songwriting process from start to finish and teach you how to turn songwriting into a career or full-time hobby. It includes songwriting tips, chord techniques, music theory and insights from a professional songwriter.

Exploring a Career in User Experience Design
This course is all about building the foundations for a career in user experience (UX) design. Each video walks you through a new step in the design process, from data analysis to ideation to prototyping and eventually implementation. By teaching you how to analyze user needs and design effective solutions, you will be given the tools to explore the process of a UX design project from beginning to end.

Even as the school year begins again, try to find time in between homework and extracurriculars to let your skills flourish.