Answering New Nole FAQs

Tuesday 07/25/2023

Starting a new semester is an exciting but somewhat nerve-wracking experience, whether it is your first semester at FSU or your final one. ITS has been getting lots of great questions on how students can prepare for the new year ahead.

What type of computer should I get?

For the majority of the majors at FSU, a specific laptop type is not required. It is best to get the kind of laptop that most appeals to you. You will likely be using it almost every day, both for school and for fun, so make sure it is one you enjoy using.

The only exception to this advice is for the students in the College of Engineering. Most engineering professors recommend their students use a Windows machine, as it is more compatible with some of the required software.

How do I reset my FSU password?

You can rest your password in just a few simple steps. Go to your FSU Portal login page at Below the sign in fields, click Manage FSUID/Password. This will prompt you to enter your FSUID or EMPLID and date of birth. From there, you can change your password.

What kind of printer should I get/where on campus can I print?

This is entirely up to you. While certain occasions may call for printing, most assignments you submit for class will be online. With that in mind, if you choose to buy a printer, it can be a basic model. You might want to get something small if it is going in your dorm room to maximize space. Also, remember that the residence hall network does not support wireless printing, so you will need to bring a USB cable to connect your printer to your computer.

If you choose not to buy a printer, there are plenty of places to print on campus. You pay for printing by loading FSUCash onto your student ID. Should you need assistance, library staff are more than happy to help.

How do I get access to the Office 365 suite of apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint?

If you are an FSU student, you already have access! ITS provides a free subscription to the Office 365 suite for all students. You can access the applications either online or you can download them.

To log in to your account, simply visit and log in with your FSUID (in the format and password. You can also download the desktop apps and log in with the same information.

What other software does FSU offer for free to students?

FSU provides free access to software like Zoom and LinkedIn Learning, as well as myFSUVLab, which allows you to use a variety of university software virtually, even if you are off campus. You can also browse through a full catalog of IT software and services available to you as a student.