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Information Technology Administration Partnership Program (ITAPP)

ITAPP is a technology collaboration program that assists individual colleges and departments at FSU with the management of IT resources.

Each ITAPP partnership is unique to the unit it supports, and our team of professionals develops a customized technology management plan that aligns with the unit’s overall strategic direction. By understanding each unit’s distinct needs, the partnership focuses on what the unit can address internally and how ITS can assist in providing consistent support. The unit maintains ownership of their IT resources and collaborates with ITS to manage their IT environment.

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    Strategic Direction


    ITAPP has helped us so much in both reviewing and providing needed direction. 

    Susan Fiorito, Director, Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship
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    Mentorship and Cross-Training


    The onboarding, mentoring and cross-training that ITAPP provides to staff is an important benefit that units would be hard pressed to implement on their own. 

    Michael Hartline, Dean, College of Business

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Sample Agreement 


An ITAPP partnership results in a natural synergy between the department and ITS, which enhances collaboration and ensures a stable IT environment.


Improved Efficiency

better planning and management of IT resources and services occur as departments take advantage of ITS-provided technology and consulting services



collaborative efforts can lead to the creation of new IT service offerings for the campus community


Simplified Administration

assistance with IT planning, budgeting and life cycle replacement allows ITAPP partners to focus on their primary academic, business and research objectives


Decreased Risks

centralize and protect IT assets to promote business continuity, vulnerability management and an overall stable environment


Professional Development

continuous training expands skill sets, supports professional growth and prepares staff for advancement opportunities


Campus-Wide Network

connection to other ITAPP units and campus-wide IT resources opens lines of communication and teamwork with colleges and departments across FSU

Shared Resources

The goal of ITAPP is to ensure units succeed in integrating and leveraging the following central IT resources available at FSU.

  • Server support
  • Workstation support
  • Network devices and infrastructure
  • Server virtualization and colocation
  • Data storage and backup
  • Web content management
  • Identity and access management
  • Digital signage

ITAPP Partners

ITAPP supports a variety of colleges and departments at FSU. Below is a list of current ITAPP partners and managers.

Headshot of General Gaskin

General Gaskin

Center for Advanced Power Systems

Headshot of Gio Lopez

Gio Lopez

College of Business

Headshot of Rachel Stys

Rachel Stys

College of Education

Headshot of Joshua Kukus

Joshua Kukus

College of Health and Human Sciences

Headshot of Matt Mortimer

Matt Mortimer

College of Law

Headshot of Ahmed Mahdy

Ahmed Mahdy

College of Motion Picture Arts

Headshot of Dylan Smith

Dylan Smith

College of Social Work

Headshot of Geoff Stegmeyer

Geoff Stegmeyer

Dedman College of Hospitality

Headshot of Gary Eggebraaten

Gary Eggebraaten

FAMU-FSU College of Engineering

Headshot of vacant


Florida Natural Areas Inventory


Headshot of Casey Fort

Casey Fort

FSU Human Resources

Headshot of Alex Chisler

Alex Chisler

FSU Public Safety (Police)

Headshot of David Plichta

David Plichta

FSU Facilities

Headshot of Mark Myers

Mark Myers

FSU Panama City

Headshot of Rosie Lopez

Rosie Lopez

Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship

Headshot of Geoff Stegmeyer

Geoff Stegmeyer

International Programs

Headshot of Mark Myers

Dave Borschel

ITAPP Associate Director


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