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IT Governance Council

The ITGC works to ensure all ITS efforts and initiatives are aligned with furthering the university's strategic goals.

The Information Technology Governance Council (ITGC) provides advice and recommendations to ITS on institutional IT policy, services, strategies and priorities. The ITGC acts as a sounding board representing the FSU community's perspectives and interests and ensures ITS efforts are aligned with furthering the university's strategic plan.


The ITGC is comprised of a mixture of students, faculty and staff. Faculty members are appointed by the provost and serve three-year terms. The Faculty Senate representative is appointed by the Faculty Senate President and serves a two-year term. The university IT managers representative is appointed by the university IT managers chair and serves a one-year term. The Student Government Association representative is appointed by the student body president and serves a one-year term. The Congress of Graduate Students representative is appointed by the Congress of Graduate Students Speaker and serves a one-year term. All other members are ex officio and serve open-ended terms per the mutual consent of the provost and each member.


First and foremost, the ITGC represents the critical IT needs for students, faculty, staff and researchers and evaluates the effectiveness of the university's technological infrastructure and operations in supporting the FSU mission. The committee also reviews key developments in information technology for potential impacts to and adoption by the university. The ITGC provides formal recommendations and progress reports to university leadership on major enterprise IT initiatives, operations and investments. Finally, the ITGC advises the provost on the funding of project proposals recommended annually by the Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee.

Affiliated Committees

The ITS Information Technology Governance Council works with the following committees.


Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee


Research Information Technology Advisory Committee


Administrative Technologies Advisory Committee


Student Success Information Technologies Advisory Committee


Learning Technologies Advisory Committee


University Cybersecurity Committee


Scheduled Meetings 

The ITGC meets on the second Tuesday of every even month, and additional meetings may be scheduled as deemed necessary by the ITGC chair. 

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Record Keeping

Approved meeting minutes, handouts and other supporting documentation is available to members of the ITGC and ITS Executive Leadership Team.   

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If you have questions about the ITGC, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 850-644-4357 or visit