We Are IT | Enterprise Software Licensing

Tuesday 07/12/2022

The ITS Enterprise Software Licensing (ESL) team is a small team that plays a big role on campus. ESL coordinates the licensing for dozens of software titles available at FSU, including Adobe and the Microsoft Campus agreement. As part of the ITS Strategic Relationships and Partner Success Team, ESL evaluates university software needs and purchases licenses for in-demand software. The team is working toward automation of reviewing and approving campus IT purchases and numerous process improvements.

What is your team’s role within ITS?

Enterprise Software Licensing handles software licensing for many titles available to FSU, including Information Technology Services.

Who makes up the team and what role do they perform?

Our team has four members. Charlotte Souffront-Garcia is the director. Hans Meyer, assistant director, oversees the administration of the ESL team and the review and approval of campus IT purchases. Hashmatullah Sediqi, business logistics associate, covers business process analysis and software fulfillment. Mallik Siddarth "Sid" Madasi, business relationship specialist, handles case triage and elevation.

What are your team’s current projects?

Currently, we are documenting software licensing and fulfillment and working on process improvement. We are also working toward automating the review and approval of campus IT purchases.

What is the most rewarding project this year?

Documenting software licensing and fulfillment has been very rewarding.

What is your favorite part of working in ITS?

We enjoy being part of a team as much as feeling like a part of a family.

What is the biggest challenge your team is facing?

Right now, we are limited by the learning curve of processes and are trying to make headway in evaluating the best solutions.

If your team was to invent one piece of technology as a team what would it be?

We would invent an online application to automate IT purchase review and approval.

In five years, what do you see your team working on?

We see continuous process improvement of software licensing and fulfillment taking up a lot of our time. We also expect to be holding regular meetings with campus partners to evaluate university software needs.